History : The essence of Ebenezer Healthcare Access

The inception of Ebenezer Healthcare Access dates back to 2011 when Wright State University and the Montgomery county department of public health jointly conducted research to assess refugees' health needs in Montgomery County. Wright State University was represented by Dr. Kristina Redko, the then program Research Director, and Jean de Dieu Mukunzi, Principal Investigator. On the other side, Montgomery County Public Health was represented by Cherly Scroggins. This research on immigrants was the first of its nature to provide workable recommendations to uplift the immigrants’ ability to navigate The United States health care system. Other similar recommendations were formulated by Welcome Dayton, and the University of Dayton’s department of sociology.

Inspired by research-based recommendations, the Ebeneezer Healthcare Access foundation committee held meetings with Wright State University’s department of public health, the department of sociology at University of Dayton, Montgomery County public health, Premier Health Partners, Kettering Health Network, Welcome Dayton, and immigrant community leaders. The meetings were designed to analyze the gaps in immigrants’ access to health care in the Greater Dayton, and to assess the necessity of launching this organization.

From the meetings held at different times with different stakeholders, most of the public health partners concluded that the gaps in delivering healthcare services to immigrants are remarkable. Following this unanimous view, a team of eight people filed Articles of Incorporation to the Secretary of the State Ohio for approval. The competent State authority has approved Ebenezer Healthcare Access with the issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation. To this stage, we attribute the progress of Ebenezer Healthcare Access to the following:

  • Dr. Anthony Romano who shared the vision with the founder
  • Dr. Sara Paton, Director of Wright State University’s Master’s Program in Public Health
  • Dr. Peter Bath, Vice President of Mission at Kettering Health Network
  • J. Thomas Maultsby , President and CEO of United Way
  • Governor Robert Taft
  • Dr Theo Majka of the Sociology Department at UD
  • Shaun Hamilton, community benefits Director at Premier Health
  • Melissa Bertolo Welcoming Manager at Welcome America
  • Dr. Rick Saxen of Kettering Health Network
  • Dr Kristina Redko of the department of wright State Master's Program
  • Welcome Dayton Team and Immigrants community leaders